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Edwards Woodland Services Ltd is a highly renowned tree surgery and site clearance company based in North Wales.

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Invasive Species Control

Invasive Species Control has become a larger part of our work as clients realise the importance of controlling/eradicating species such as Japanese Knotweed, Himalayan Balsam and Rhododendron Ponticum. This control/eradication can be for legal reasons and/or where the species has become invasive.

Please see below examples of recent works.

Japanese Knotweed Control/Eradication
Client: Gwynedd Consultancy
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We have been undertaking works for Gwynedd Consultancy, treating Japanese Knotweed alongside structures in Gwynedd, as part of their maintenance programme. Most of the sites are near watercourses.

Edwards Woodland holds the necessary certification to undertake this type of work and can apply directly to the relevant authorities for permission on behalf of clients if required.

This work is usually undertaken over a period of years as eradication is unlikely with one visit.

Rhododendron Control within the Snowdonia National Park
Client: Snowdonia National Park Authority
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We have undertaken extensive Rhododendron control for the Snowdonia National Park for many years with the emphasis on stem injection as a means of control. This involves injecting the herbicide into the stems and letting the plant die in situ. It can then be left to rot down or be cut as per client requirement.

We undertake cutting and burning, cutting and chipping, or spraying which is dependent on the size of the bushes, location and client’s requirements.

Rope access techniques can be used if the site requires.

These projects and tenders are undertaken over a period of five years with the premise that at the end of the fifth year all rhododendron ponticum will have been eradicated.

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